About Us

Who We Are

Web Enchanter Private Limited is an aspiring software company based in Harare, Zimbabwe. It was founded by two graduates from Bindura University, Rushmore Mushambi and Isaac Maposa.

Rushmore has a Bachelor of Accountancy Honours Degree. He also has a burning passion for programming and Internet marketing. He taught himself HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP whilst in upper six at Allan Wilson High School. He has since added C, C++, Ruby, Python, Java, Go and Rust to his belt. He is currently the one building our web applications.

Isaac Maposa has a Bachelor of Business Studies Honours in Marketing Degree and SAIM Diploma in Marketing. He is a member of the Marketers Association of Zimbabwe and an associate partner of Purpose Empowerment Leadership Institute. He also received entrepreneurship training from EMPRETEC Zimbabwe.

Isaac is a passionate marketer who also has a thing for Internet marketing. He enjoys networking with people and talking to clients. He is currently the one running our marketing campaign.

Both Rushmore and Isaac are honest and humble fellas. I’m sure you will enjoy working with them.

What We Do

Our mission is to help our clients save time, money and have a better competitive advantage by making available to them innovative hassle-free web applications.